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Tuesdays: Belly Dance with Jo  7:30 - 8:30pm

Thursdays: BellyEsque Body Shrine 6:00pm

Sundays: BellyEsque #dancechurch with Tessa TrueHeart 10:00am

All classes run on Eastern Standard Time 

Master Classes

On the second Saturday of every month we will be hosting amazing dancers to share their secrets with you! Purchase of these Live classes also includes 15 days on replay access. 

(Member's of the Whole Shebang receive these classes as part of their membership)

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Saturday March 13th 2021
11:00am - 1:00pm EST $20
Combos on Standby

It's happened to all of us: You've got a story to tell. You found the music you love, you've got a costume all picked out, and your choreography is swimming along...until you hit that darned place. You know the spot, the one that just isn't moving you. You've floundered around for hours trying to come up with something, but it's just not there. Luckily, you've got Combos on Standby!
In this two hour class, Rose will share several of her favorite and most flexible movement combinations that are perfect to drop into any piece when you need it. These intermediate fusion combos are yours to take and tinker with to suit your needs. We'll explore different ways to modulate tempo, express mood, and incorporate multiple dancers. We will learn and drill each phrase in small pieces, but a basic knowledge of bellydance language wouldn't hurt.

Rose Calavera is a modern fusion dancer hailing from the wilds of Upstate NY. After 15+ years performing traditional Irish step dance semi-professionally, she took a bellydance class on a whim and fell completely in love. She has gone on to be proficient in multiple disciplines, but her heart was captured by the aesthetic, duality, and expressive nature of fusion bellydance. As well as performing solo, Rose is a proud member of the Lunachix, a student Hot Pot ITS, and one half of the Moonshine Two with her “dance wife” Jo Boring.




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Saturday April 10th 2021
11:00am - 12:30 EST $20
Tell it to my Baladi Heart with Catrice Fairuza
Who doesn’t love a good Baladi, right? Well as we know there are Baladi workshops glore online. I wanted to offer something different. I know at this point we have all seen hundreds of dance shows. I have seen lots of great dancers and performers, but I have a handful of dancers and performers where I can remember everything about their performances. The tears, the chills, the huge cheek to cheek smiles and the feeling of me dancing along with them. Heck, if i think about it and hear the music I can bring those emotions and feelings back, get goosebumps and have that energy change the rest of my day. I had to ask myself why that was. Well it's because even through the camera lense they were able to connect with the audience and draw us in. Not every dancer or performer has that ability. Even through the camera lense dancers/performers are able to connect with the audience and draw us in, not just look good in a costume and do all these amazing moves. That’s 1 of our goals as ambassadors of this dance, to give the audience a taste of home and to invoke a memory or a feeling. So, I thought why not share the tips and tricks I have to help you connect with your audience. I will be using improvisation. I was honored to perform for Lady LiquidSadira show Afrodisiac, so you can see how my tips and tricks work. Join me in my workshop hosted by Belly Set Go, “Tell it to my Baladi Heart!”
 Catrice Fairuza, is a multi-awarding winning dancer, choreographer and, teacher located in Upstate New York. Catrice Fairuza has been able to travel the world learning dance from dancers of origin. As well as being student of all different types of dance, Catrice Fairuza truly enjoys immersing herself in Egypt's many different diverse and beautiful cultures while being respectful of the country’s beliefs, and history. Teaching since 2018, Catrice Fairuza specializes in the North African Dance know as Egyptian Raqs Sharqi. Classes are open to anyone regardless of color, size, sexual orientation, age, fitness ability, or dance experience. Raqs Sharqi is an amazing way to connect with your body while also learning about new cultures and music. Classes are fun, upbeat, in a body positive environment where students are encouraged to learn this elegant cultural art form in a way that helps them express their best selves.
I can't wait
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Saturday February 13th 2021
11:00am - 12:30pm EST $20
Caress Burlesque
Sensual Self-Touch When Performing for Many, One, or None
Lulu is your tour guide as you explore your body wonderland from head-to-toe. Learn the importance of:
*setting an intention
*sending a clear invitation
*highlighting and presenting your best assets
*creating sensual choreography
*lustful leveling
*provocative props..... and more.
Lulu La Femme became a core member of Salt City Burlesque in 2018. Lulu has performed in the troupe's monthly shows, as well as in festivals in New York and Vermont, and as a guest with various productions across New York State. Lulu revels in every aspect of the burly life, including dreaming up innovative, unique act concepts, and designing eye-popping, over-the-top costumes and props. In addition to dancing, Lulu has been featured in various pin up publications, including Garters and Grills, Pin-up Kulture, Bombshell UK, Retro Lovely, Retro Lovely Scrapbook, and Retro Lovely Taboo. Lulu enjoys curating burlesque and pinup related content for her Patreon community, including costume and movement tutorials, before-and-after transformations, exclusive at-home photo shoots and performance footage. In 2020, she launched a semi-weekly online video series called "Poetry in Pasties,” and will soon be self-publishing a photo book entitled, “Blooming In Quarantine," which will feature her original poetry. Packing a punch in a petite package, this versatile vixen aims for surprise and delight with every performance. 
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