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Tessa Trueheart

Tessa TrueHeart! Yes that's right, this buxom babe's curves won't lie. Dubbed the "no heels needed" showgirl, Tessa's bare feet and open heart are sure to leave audiences arrested in the moment.  

After graduating with a B.A. in arts and Education and a Minor in Dance from William Smith College in 2007, Tessa uprooted and moved across the country to San Francisco, CA. An immense love for dance and her adventurous and determined spirit quickly took her through the ranks, first performing with Damage Control Dance directed by Cera Byer and then teaming up with Jill Parker the mama of the fusion belly dance phenomena, working as assistant director to her company the Foxglove Sweethearts.

Tessa is now co- owner of Belly Set Go dance studio in Cortland NY where she teaches both eager young diamonds hungry for polish or seasoned performers who just want a little taste of her glitter! Known for fer evocative style that combines the languid lushness of belly dance with burlesque sensibility and sass.  Tessa strives for technical proficiency, artistic integrity and emotional strength. She is an inspirational, dynamic, gentle teacher. 

Dance with Tessa

Sundays 10:00 - 11:00 BellyEsque

Thursdays 6:00 - 7:00 Floor Flow

Tessa is also available for private lessons and choreography creation.

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The Unconventional Jiggle 

All that Shimmies & Shakes: 
Come discover or rediscover some of your favorite conventional shimmies with a new twist and some not so conventional (think thigh giggling, Tata tornadoes, booty flicking love)

Check out Tessa's On Demand tutorials as part of our membership "The Tease" 

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