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Fusing the sensuality of belly dance with a  showgirl sensibility. Includes the sassy, strutting, winking, jiggling aspects of burlesque with the poised languid undulations and eye popping articulations of belly dance. Dive into your sexuality, and engage the true spirit and confidence of the powerful bombshells of burlesque and superheroes of belly dance. Because who doesn't like a little ass slapping to go with your shimmy? This class will focus on the Basics spending time drilling each movement and then putting it into a fun combination at the end.
Get Sexy and Sinful.
Burlesque is the age old art of the tease. An art form that combines humor, sexuality, politics, and topics of the body. Erotic! Provocative! Powerful!  Earth-shattering, heart racing anticipation just the glimpse of bare flesh.
Learn to bump, grind, sway, tease, strut and play the burlesque way.  Learn sexy dance moves- perfect for the everyday women or serious showgirl! Unleash your inner private dancer. Pop a pastie! Each Month we will focus on a New Aspect of Burlesque: 
Jan: Walks & Presence with Tessa
Feb: Set the Stage on Fire with Sizzlin' Liz
March: Fierce Fosse with Ghula Mortisse
If you've been looking for a place to start your Burlesque journey this is it! Drea will take you slowly and patiently through the basic posture, movements and concepts in Burlesque. 
The Devotional Dance Coven with Sarah is a movement class that combines the somatic healing practices of yoga, dance, breathwork, energy work, meditation and journaling to create a trauma-informed and magical container for self-expression and self-care that leads to deep embodiment and nervous system support. Please bring a mat, journal and something to write your self-love spells with
Get your booty to this high energy Neo Burlesque class featuring dance styling influenced by classic burlesque and jazz dance using modern and rock music. 
Some of the sexiest floor work you'll ever get to dance. Please bring Pleaser style heels or thick socks and knee pads. Jess's floor work draws heavily on erotic dancing lineage to Strip clubs. She describes her style as a the sexy, leggy, wavy channeling of an earthworm
A full- bodied conditioning class geared towards increasing strength, stability and mobility with a special focus on active flexibility to get those legs leggin' and those splits splittin' when we dance.

Flexibility is not required we will gain it along the way. There will be lots of modifications given for each exercise.
Please bring hydration and something to cushion your knees. Yoga blocks and a yoga mat are not required but may be helpful.
This Neo Burlesque class will get you feeling sexy! Will include both standing and floor work so please bring your knee pads.
This class will starts with a traditional Ballet warmup, barre work, center work and culminate in a little Burly Ballet combo. The perfect place to live out your childhood ballet fantasies. All bodies and experience levels are welcome!
 There is a whole world of dance to explore right underneath your nose! You guessed it - this class happens on the floor. Tessa loves to show people that floorwork isn’t just for fancy dancers, it’s for anyone who wants to gain strength, confidence and some badass moves. It’s fun! It’s sexy! It’s floorwork!

Please bring knee pads and socks or dance heels
Chair Tease  Sometimes the most fun thing you can do with your week is grab a prop perhaps a chair and get ready to get strong, flexy and sexy. Class may include some floor work use of knee pads is encouraged.

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